Also I envy the vagabond whose law is the dictates of his own whim. Such is the lunatic though. Is this again the protest against reality? Here I think is a very great uncertainty, the lunatic prefers the reality of his thought to the reality of fact. He will not compromise, he is “all or none” in this matter. Yet he is not all wrong, for surely thought has a reality of its own — but only when it is based on fact. [...] The vagabond is not free from the bond of fact, he is free only from conventional bonds, social demands, he has no sense of ‘ought’. What ‘oughts’ do I feel now?

A Life of One’s Own — Marion Milner

Hey there! My name is Laura and I’m studying electrical engineering. When I decided to go into this field, I did it out of a desire to work with hard facts and certainty. The world seemed at that point so volatile, so full of opinions out of which you couldn’t discern the “good” ones, that engineering looked like a haven where data, numbers and books could lead you in the “right” direction – you could actually be right about something and have the evidence to back you!

Of course, it was quite naive of me to think like this. I was so hooked on the “working hard will bring you far” narrative that I wanted as few variables as possible in it. True, the world of engineering may be in general more inclined to listen to proofs and evidence and numbers, but these are by no means indisputable.

What’s more, unless your work as an engineer allows you to work in an underground, poor-lighted office with no human contact (spoiler alert: this is not how an engineer’s life looks like), you’ll still at one point have to deal with other people, build relationships and basically dive into moving sands all over again.

It may seem like this was bad news for me. In fact, it was not. Actually, I’ve always liked reading about many different things, I just didn’t realize this would be of much help in my career until later. And this is me trying to make up for the time when I brushed these side interests aside in favour of more technical knowledge – through this blog.

This means that you’ll find me rambling here about cool tech innovations, questions that I’ve been asking myself or the latest book I’m reading – which can be anything from fiction, psychology, feminism (I haven’t scared you yet?), history or Cheetos-coloured books that promise to make you a better version of yourself. Here and there I’ll probably also throw in a drawing or some artsy thing that deserves to go beyond my sketch notebook.

All this is in hope that other people can find these things interesting and proving that you can have a life besides studying (I’m kidding – you cannot). I would also like to see input from you regarding what I write. I sometimes tend to wrap my thoughts and opinions in soft warm fluffy blankets so that nobody dare hurt them. When I present them to someone else, it’s usually to friends that will tend to agree with me. So if you have different thoughts or facts, shoot them in the comment section.

That’s it. Hope you stick around and find something refreshing for your taste.

PS. I’ll slowly give the website a makeover, but I’ll first try to focus on the content. I have to resist the urge of making it look pretty perfect – like when I was playing Sims and I was spending hours on building and decorating a gorgeous house (of course I was using cheats), then play in it for half an hour and that was it. I plan on posting around one article per week (fingers crossed that I’ll make it).

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